for aspiration and inspiration.

Hi! Welcome to the Chapter blog.

...i gotta be honest, i'm more comfortable writing in all lower case. hi. that's better. my name is erica, i own and make chapter. this line has had a long journey so far - starting when i lost an earring in san francisco, to this wonderful moment, here, three years later, when i've finally worked hard enough to make the leap into being a jewelry maker full time. it's been a blend of luck (which is just a numbers game) and work (which is sort of a numbers game too) but i've never felt so free and fulfilled.

chapter is about style and substance. to me, chapter girls are interested and interesting, smart girls who sometimes stick their feet in their mouths, who love travel and hate being late. we want to have a wardrobe that allows to get dressed in the dark and look great. we aren't into over-in-a-minute trends. we wear our clothes, they don't wear us. we follow our hearts and love what we do. we journal, take photos, read fiction. we know what's going on in the world, and what's going on friday night. we recognize and appreciate the things in life that last.

this is a blog that seeks to capture words and images that inspire us. sometimes it'll be about chapter, sometimes it'll be about the world of wonder that chapter seeks to travel. here's an image, presented without further comment, to start us off.